Kids from Santa Cruz del Sur awarded in Provincial Energy Saving Contest

Kids from Sana cruz del sur awarded in Provincial Energy Saving ContestSanta Cruz del Sur, Apr 20. -Santa Cruz del Sur turned out to be the municipality with the highest percent of awarded kids in the Provincial Contest of the Programmes for the Electric Energy Saving and Water Use and Saving (PAEME y PAURA), respectively. An event that was in session at  the “Máximo Gómez Báez” Senior High School, in Camaguey.

Fifteen children attended this event and eleven out of them returned home with different prices. In general, three of these kids conquered the "relevant" category; five out of them were distinguished and three obtained mentions.

Aramís Hernández Teruel from the “José Martí” Elementary School, in Santa Cruz and Frank La Rosa Noa from the “Asamblea de Santa Cruz” Elementary School were the ones who obtained the highest awards, and that is why they will represent our territory in the National Contest, which will take place next May in Ciego de Avila.

Rachel Labrada Pupo, Frank´s  classmate also reached the relevant category by competing there in the Knoledge Olimpics that was in session at the same place about the saving subjects in both programmes.

In a dialogue held with Miguel Vázquez Pino, prominent figure of the Educational Sector in Souther Camaguey  we could see that the defense of the presented works was of a high quality, which according to him has enhanced the level of the event.

The students from Santa Cruz competed in plastic arts, short stories, poetry among others.And the represneted schools were “José Martí”, “Ignacio Agramonte”  and “Ciro Redondo” Elementary chools and also the Senior High Schools “Camilo Cienfuegos” and“Asamblea de Santa Cruz”.
(Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)