China Suspends Flights as Nanmadol Approaches

Beijing, Aug 30. -Several flights have been canceled in Eastern China due to strong winds and rains accompanying the tropical storm Nanmadol, which is approaching the coastal cities of Fujian province.The Xiamen-Jinmen shipping line, which links the mainland and Taiwan, has been suspended since Monday afternoon, reported Tuesday official sources. Also ships have been called back to harbour.

Nanmadol is expected to provoke high tide with heavy rainfall of up to 200 mm to 350 mm, which might lead to floodings, according to a report released by the meteorological bureau.

Rescue teams have been organized at the vulnerable areas to prepare for potential emergencies.

Previously categorized as a typhoon, Nanmadol was downgraded to a tropical storm after it hit ground in Taiwan on Monday.

Nanmadol caused at least 22 dead and 12 missing people in northern Philippines. (Prensa Latina)