Summit among France, Germany and Italy Announced

Paris, Jan 7. -French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced his participation, along with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, in a tripartite summit in Rome on January 20.The event was confirmed during a brief joint press release at the end of a meeting between Sarkozy and Monti, who examined the delicate economic situation in the euro zone, affected by the debt crisis and the weakening of the euro as a common currency.

The Italian prime minister assured his country will be in condition to balance its own finances before the end of 2013, if it receives the EU support and keeps severe austerity measures.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy called on all EU institutions to fulfil their respective responsibility to face the crisis and stop the infection to other EU countries.

Sarkozy reiterated his statements emphasizing that if the euro destroys itself, Europe will also be destroyed, and if that ever happens, peace in Europe will be seriously affected from one day to the other.

Before his meeting with Monti, Sarkozy had announced that France would not wait for its EU comrades to apply a tax for financial transactions, which is known as the Tobin Rate.

President Sarkozy suggested the Tobin Rate might be put in force before the presidential elections in France.

Next Monday, the French President will travel to Berlin, Germany, to meet Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to examine the agenda for the EU Summit on January 30 in Brussels. (Prensa Latina)