Great Expectations for Humala-Chavez Meeting

Lima, Jan 6. -Agreements in trade, energy and migratory policy will be signed by Peru and Venezuela during the visit of Peruvian President Ollanta Humala to Venezuela, said Peruvian Foreign Minister Rafael Roncagliolo here Thursday.Roncagliolo referred to a summit to be held between the Presidents of Peru and Venezuela on Saturday, in a visit that was unanimously approved by Parliament.

Such a political consensus is in line with what Peruvian Foreign Minister described as "very beneficial bilateral relations for his country," which will be strengthened in the dialogue between both Presidents.

On the agreements to be signed, the Peruvian top diplomat said they are aimed at keeping current tax preferences existing when Venezuela was a member of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), which it quit later when it considered its principles were damaged by neoliberal decisions.

Roncagliolo said the Peruvian exports to Venezuela have a high added value, and have a great involvement of Peruvian small and medium companies.

He said that an agreement to regulate the migratory situation of Peruvians in Venezuela and facilitate the sending of family remittances to Peru will be signed too.

Another agreement will allow oil and energy cooperation, a field in which Venezuela has a great experience.

This topic is generating great expectation in the Peruvian press, which highlighted the warm welcome given to president of Peruvian state company Petroperu Humberto Campodonico, a man who was received by President Hugo Chavez in Caracas.

Chavez said to have offered Campodonico and his firm full support.

Roncagliolo also cited an agreement for the mutual recognition of the contribution of their citizens and another to ensure the supply of Venezuelan urea to Peruvian farmers. (Prensa Latina)