Cuban Scientists Cooperate to Prevent Disasters in CentAm

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 30. -The progress in a strategic work model for disaster management is the main result of Cuba's scientific collaboration with Central American nations, said doctor Fernando Guasch Hechavarria in this city on Thursday.In remarks to Prensa Latina, the expert of the National Center for Seismological Research (CENAIS), with headquarters in this city, said that collaboration was very important, following about 5 years of joint work in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Guash said that the program has been changing from one dealing with before, during and after to a synergic process in which the capacities of response are prepared and at the same time work is done to reduce vulnerabilities and risks, and planning is achieved.

The Cuban scientist referred to political will as the key factor that allows Cuba to suffer less consequences, especially in terms of human losses, from the impact of those natural disasters to which these Central American nations are also exposed.

The creation of CENAIS, in February 1992, is an expression of that decision of the State aimed at preparing the population and the authorities to face those disasters, counting with a highly qualified staff and a high level of learning. (Prensa Latina)