Vietnam Ratifies Support for Cuba’s Historical Claims

Hanoi, Dec 29. -Vietnam ratified its unconditional support to Cuba in its claim for the release of the Cuban Five anti-terrorist fighters held in the United States, and the end of the economic harassment by Washington.Dao Van Binh, president of the subsidiary of Friendship Associations from Hanoi condemned the economic blockade for more than half a century that tries to asphyxiate Cuba, despite the worldwide rejection.

Binh sent greetings to the 53rd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and also his support to the freedom of the Cuban Five anti-terrorist fighters, "held in very hard conditions."

Vietnam will always go hand in hand with Cuba, in solidarity against the harassment of the hostile forces; Van Binh asserted and also highlighted the transcendental situation living Cuba nowadays.

The official expressed that the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba "marked an important turning point to improve the quality of life and strengthen the construction of socialism in the friendly country."

Fredesman Turro, Cuba's ambassador to Vietnam highlighted the historical friendship between both countries which had been demonstrated in good and bad times and with the possibility to economically grow even more. (Prensa Latina)