US: Outraged Popular Movement Occupies Iowa Caucus

Washington, Dec 27. -The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement on Tuesday will begin in Iowa a popular election assembly, a week before the first GOP primaries.The Occupy Iowa Caucus planned a meeting on Tuesday night in Des Moines, the state capital, some days ahead of the Republican party which on January 3 will hold its primaries, the group said on its website.

According to the Occupy Des Moines call, in the celebration also known as the People's Caucus, the organizers will present and discuss complaints made for months by the OWS movement and for 99 percent of the population, said a spokesperson.

Then, instead of indicating a preference for a possible presidential candidate, the participants will declare their support for the group that plans to occupy the venue for the next three days, in a peaceful action.

The people are tired of being ignored by political leaders of the two parties, tired of seeing the common good placed at the end of government priorities, said Ed Fallon, a former state legislator and one of the protest organizers.

The OWS popular demonstrations completed three months on December 17, and have spread to major cities in the nation. (Prensa Latina)