Unprecedented Attacks Staged in Damascus

Damascus, Dec 23. -Two powerful terrorist attacks with no precedents in the history of Damascus disturbed calmness in this city in the Friday Muslim prayers.The attacks, which were allegedly carried out by Al-Qaeda, targeted the State Security Directorate headquarters in Kafur Suse area, and another security installation of the Military Police of Investigation in Damascus.

The twin explosions, the first much more powerful, took place at 10:45 local time, after which the bang of light weapons, such as machine guns, AK rifles, and pistols were heard.

A reliable source told Prensa Latina that in fact there were seven planned attacks, but security forces made to miscarry five of them.

Authorities have not provided information so far on the material damage and human losses, but Syrian Television has broadcast horrifying footage of damage or destroyed cars, crippled and burned bodies inside cars and microbuses.

A government source told Prensa Latina that preliminary investigations reveal, based on suicide attacker operations in car bombs, that these terrorist actions were carefully organized and carried out by Al-Qaeda network mercenaries, who entered the Syrian territory.

The attacks, noted the source, were staged three days after Lebanon´s Minister of Defense Fayez Ghosun warned on Tuesday that commands of Al-Qaeda infiltrated into the Syrian territory through the Lebanese territory like if they were members of the Syrian opposition.

These attacks, warned the source, are aimed to intimidate the population and crack their decision of taking the streets to demonstrate in favor of the government of President Bashar al-Assad, the national unity, and in rejection to the foreign interference, and the actions of the western nations, Turkey, and the Arab League against Syria. (Prensa Latina)