Cuba Reiterates Its Commitment in Fighting Terrorism

United Nations, Nov 15. -Cuba reiterated to the Security Council its commitment to fight against terrorism in all its manifestations and carried out by anyone and anywhere.Cuba also rejected and condemned the acts, methods and practices of this nature, regardless of motivation, especially state terrorism as one of the most abominable variants of these actions.

The Caribbean country's position was declared yesterday by the Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN, Pedro Nunez Mosquera, at a meeting of the Security Council on the work of several committees dealing with that matter.

The diplomat stressed that measures to eliminate international terrorism must be based on strict respect for the United Nations Charter and the principles of international law and international humanitarian law.

He also supported the position of the Non-Aligned Movement against unilateral lists that accuse States of alleged support for terrorism.

In relation to that, he denounced the American government for insisting on including Cuba in the list of State sponsor of international terrorism.

He explained that the US policy has a great cost in additional sanctions to the blockade that for more than half a century Washington had imposed to Cuba.

Nuñez Mosquera asserted that the inclusion in that list of a State that like Cuba fights terrorism discredits even more that unilateral mechanism and compromises the United States in its fight against this scourge.

He later said that for years his country presents detailed information to the Security Council on terrorist actions against Cuba, but so far, our complaints remain without a definite answer.

He recalled that the confessed terrorist and murderer, Luis Psada Carriles, enjoys official protection from the US government and from that territory he announces future crimes with complete impunity.

However, he highlighted, the Five Cuban antiterrorist fighters were unfairly condemned to cruel sentences in US jails for seeking to avoid terrorist attacks and sharing the information with Washington.

He said that one of them already served his sentence, but he is not allowed to return to Cuba under the absurd pretext of supervised release.

The Cuban ambasador asserted it is time already to end with the double standard on terrorism, an scourge that has to be rejected under any circumstances. (Prensa Latina)