Venezuelan Assembly Concludes 2011 with Positive Results

Caracas, Dec 21. -The National Assembly of Venezuela achieved the political stability of the country, needed for coexistence in participatory and leading democracy, said deputy William Fariñas, vice president of the Permanent Commission on Security and Defense.According to the lawmaker from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Assembly's work was positive after achieving political balance and strength with the passing of 16 ordinary laws and 193 extra credits for the people's benefit.

According to the socialist deputy, the transition from the National Assembly to the People's Assembly is one of the goals to be accomplished by the Parliament.

With regard to the criticism by opposition spokespeople of the work developed by lawmakers, Fariñas said those opinions lack the ideology and vision of a nation's project.

He said that all Venezuelans witnessed the performance of Parliament members regarding regional, national and international issues. (Prensa Latina)