New Incidents in Cairo Leave One Dead

Cairo, Nov 26. -Clashes between protesters and police in front of the Government headquarters of Egypt left one dead and at least 10 injured on Saturday, as demonstrations against the Military Junta continue at the Tahrir Plaza.A medical source told MENA news agency that a 21-year-old young man lost his life in an apparent accident after being run over by a car of the security forces, when they were trying to force activists to clear the entrance of the government building.

The State television also confirmed clashes in that zone of downtown Cairo, where hundreds of protesters also gathered on Friday to block the access to the headquarters of the Council of Ministers to protest against the appointment of a new cabinet chief.

Eyewitnesses told Prensa Latina that police forces urged demonstrators to evict the surrounding areas of Parliament and Government. Since they refused to leave, the police agents launched tear gases and the young activists reacted by throwing stones at the police cars.

In the incident, a vehicle ran over two people, killing one of them, thus bringing to 41 the total deaths reported since the protests broke out in the country a week ago. (Prensa Latina)