Miniature Book with Fidel Castro´s Thoughts Published in Ukraine

Kiev, Nov 24. -A miniature book with a compilation of phrases and famous statements by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz was published by Folio editorial house in this capital, diplomatic sources reported on Thursday.The volume shows Ukrainian readers´ interest in the thinking of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution."When a person has been completely devoted to a cause, he has no right to think of himself," is a phrase at the beginning of the mini-book, published in Russian.

The small book reaffirms Folio´s interest in the indispensable promotion of Fidel Castro´s life, work, and thinking.

"Folio" published for the first time in Russian a group of 60 "Reflections" by the Cuban leader in a 378-page book, which was chosen by the important Ukrainian weekly "2000" among the 10 best books published in 2010 in Ukraine. (Prensa Latina)