Brazilians in Mourning after Defeat

Brazilians in Mourning after DefeatBrasilia, Jul 3. -A deathlike silence runs by Brazil. Brazilians cry because their team was defeated 2-1 by Holland after a first half that showed a possible victory of the "canarinha". Disappointment came in the second half, though, after a self-scored goal that destabilized players emotionally.

Hundreds of miles away from Port Elizabeth Stadium in South Africa, millions of Brazilians did not understand the change of attitude in their players, who seemed powerless over the Dutch, who made a turn and defeated the favorite team.

Just before the game, the Brazilian team highlighted the importance of keeping calm before Holland and touching the ball as they know, but Felipe Mello forgot it, lost his head and was just expelled.

Anxiety also dominated Brazilian fans who attended astonished the huge disorganization of their team and were reluctant to believe that these were the same players of the first half of the match.

Brazil-Holland disputes in World Cups are tied now, with two wins for each team, following victories in Brazil in 1994 and 1998, and Holland in 1974 and now in 2010.

And as the final minutes got closer, anxiety increased in Brazilian fans that went speechless after the referee marked the end of the game.

Hopefully, their hopes will revive again for the next World Cup that will be host precisely in Brazil in 2014. (Prensa Latina)