European, LatAm Legislators: Free the Cuban 5

Brussels, Nov 24. -Left-wing European and Latin American legislators demanded in this city to the United States the unconditional and immediate release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in that northern nation.In a release issued on the occasion of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly, Eurolat, legislators denounced the situation of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero y Fernando Gonzalez, who are currently serving harsh sentences for alerting Cuba from subversive plans hatched in southern Florida.

Legislators held Washington responsible for the security of Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Five, released from prison on October 7, but forced to stay three years of supervised release in U.S. territory.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina, the president of the Venezuelan Group in the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), Ricardo Cabezas, said the text also expresses the solidarity with Cuba against the U.S.-maintained blockade for 50 years.

Legislators hailed popular advances registered in Latin America and Europe, among them President Ollanta Humala´s inauguration in Peru, and the re-election in Argentina and Nicaragua of Presidents Cristina Fernandez and Daniel Ortega, respectively.

They also highlighted the favorable results for the Spanish leftwing, which in the November 20 elections quintupled their presence in the Parliament of that country.

The economic situation in the Eurozone, hit by the financial crisis of sovereign debt and fiscal imbalances in some countries, was reviewed among European and Latin American lawmakers in the meeting.

Also on the list was the importance of some integration initiatives, such as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (ECLAC), which will be proclaimed in Caracas on December 2-3. (Prensa Latina)