Santa Cruz del Sur boosts Urban and suburban agriculture

Both, urban and suburban agriculture are viable alternatives before the need to produce food, sometimes at home, and this is a “matter of national security” as pointed out Cuban president Raul Castro.These methods get every time more followers, and this proves how much it can be done before the hardships of a global crisis, which has devastating effects on this field.

The need to boost food production and to bring it closer to urban areas, guarantees a sustainable diet, and at some point it would avoid importations of agricultural products from other provinces of the territory.

The creation of reference backyards is a progressive example, emerged as a result of the crisis and the need to produce food, and the are a lot of them in the community already, which brings about a range of agricultural products.

Some of these vegetable gardens are the top category by their excellence, since they boost a variety of sub-programs, which guarantees the acceptance it has in the community.

In that case, the support of the farmer’s outlet makes easier the agricultural work, since producers acquire their working resources there, and above all, vegetable seeds, among others.

In that sense, Santa Cruz del Sur works hard in order to revert that situation which offers many possibilities to those interested in house farming, for the enlargement of the sowed surface and the crops.

This project offers a lot of advantages, useful for both farmers and citizens, and the successful development of such a praiseworthy idea is our hands. (Katia Rodríguez Pérez/ Radio Santa Cruz)