Silvio Rodriguez Starts South American Tour in Cordoba

Buenos Aires, Nov 10. -Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez will start Thursday in Cordoba a tour presenting his most recent CD "Segunda Cita", to later perform in other Argentinean cities and in Montevideo, Uruguay.After more than a decade without performing in Argentina, Silvio is scheduled to perform Thursday night at the Superdomo Orfeo stadium, accompanied by the strings trio Trovarroco, soundartist Niurka Gonzales and percussionist Oliver Valdes.

Rodriguez is also scheduled to perform on Saturday at Rosario city, where he was declared Distinguished Visitor by the Municipal Council; and will be on Nov 16 at the Charua Stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The tour is expected to end Friday 18 with a performance in the Ferro Stadium in Buenos Aires.

In press conference, Silvio announced he will be accompanied by Victor Heredia during his performance in Ferro, where he will sing some songs from an unedited disc, which he recently performed during his concert at Santiago de Cuba city, Cuba.

"Although these songs are not the most recent ones I have written, they still are unedited", said Silvio; stating that such songs are very different regarding rhythms and musical languages. (Prensa Latina)