Santa Cruz del Sur to present adjustments to the Urban Organization Plan

As a homage to the World Urbanism Day, workers of the Local Direction of Physical Planning (DMPF), in Santa Cruz del Sur ready to show the CAM, Council of the Local Administration of the People’s Power, the adjustments to the Urban Organization Plan in this town.

More than ten aspects were examined by the specialists and technicians of this entity, belonging to the Cuban Physical Planning System. A united work requiring extra efforts to a very prominent staff in the province.

The habitat, the environment, the production, the services, the road infrastructure, the water supply and the urban and suburban agriculture were some of the subjects studied.

A program with more than 50 actions to carry out in the short, medium and long term is being devised in order to continue the local development, in keeping with the necessary changes of the Cuban economic model.

Since 1949 human kind marks November 8th as the World Urbanism Day, with the purpose of strengthening and promoting awareness on the need to live in healthy and pleasant environments, in balance with nature. (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz)