Top Cuban Official Describes FIHAV 2011 as Excellent

Havana, Nov 5. -Council of Minister Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas on Saturday described the 29th Havana International Trade Fair, FIHAV 2011, as excellent, held with a greater involvement of business people and in an atmosphere of opportunities and confidence.

At the end of the awarding ceremony, Cabrisas also told reporters that FIHAV is a fair in which we can bilaterally discuss trade opportunities.

The country has had a change in the economic structure over the past few years, Cabrisas said.

Until 1989, the main source of income was from export of goods such as nickel, cigars, fish and seafood.

Today, after over 23 years, that change is determined in the export of services, mainly due to international tourism, the top official noted.

Business people from 60 countries are participating in FIHAV 2011, which will conclude today, organizing committee´s president Abraham Maciquez said. (Prensa Latina)