Panamanian Docs Join Strike in Large Numbers

Panama, Oct 28. -Panamanian doctors continue joining the health strike started in Santo Thomas Hospital to protest the Public-Private Partnership Bill, in what is set to become a nationwide movement.The protests was already joined by specialists and intern residents of the Children's Hospital, coinciding with their comrades in strongly questioning the fact that discussion of the bill has been suspended rather than turned into a priority issue for debate.

Meanwhile, doctors of the Gustavo Nelson Collado Hospital in Chitre announced they will be joining the protest too in rejection of the bill, as did their colleagues of the President Remon Canteras policlinic, the Regional Hospital of Chepo, the Rafael Hernandez de David Hospital and the clinic of La Joya prison.

Doctors of the Social Security Administration followed suit, as did those of the Rafael Estevez Hospital and of the Raul Davila Hospital of Changuinola and of the Nicolas A. Solano health facility in La Chorrera and those of Azuero.

Leader of the National Medical Negotiating Commission, Julio Osorio, said that "the bill has been of no use in almost all countries of Latin America where it has been implemented because it has only contributed to enrich a few from negotiations involving public funds."

Despite this widespread rejection, President of the National Assembly of Deputies, Hector Aparicio, said the bill will not be brought to the front burner and discussion is put off to hold consultations with the parties involved in the conflict. (Prensa Latina)