Mexico Confirms Arrests of Los Zetas Hit Men

Mexico Confirms Arrests of Los Zetas Hit MenMexico, Sept 6. -Mexican authorities issued arrest warrants on charges of organized crime for seven alleged member of the Los Zetas gang, including six non-Mexicans, federal government sources confirmed.

A joint communiqué from the Secretariat of the Interior and the Attorney Generalâ�Ös office released the names of the suspects and other details of the case.

Six of the suspects are Guatemalan citizens who were among 13 people broken out of a immigration facility in Acayucan, Veracruz, by a Los Zetas commando on April 19, the press release said.

In their testimony, four of the individuals, who are undocumented immigrants, stated they were hired by Los Zetas to work as hit men.

The Mexican government said the arrest warrants were evidence of its commitment to fight human trafficking and provide protection for immigrants, and to guarantee peace and social tranquility. (Prensa Latina)