Santa Cruz del Sur born Mario Menéndez, Great Prize at Amateur Artists Festival

Santa Cruz Born Mario Menéndez, turned into a popular craftsman, received the Great Prize at the National Festival of Amateur Artists, which was in session in Havana from October 13th to 15th.Mayito, as every body calls him in this town, presented eight works to the judges. One of them won the previously mentioned distinction, shared with a young lady from Sancti Spíritus.

The awarded work is named “La entrada al cielo” (Heaven’s Door), inspired on an ancient church, with excellent details of that sort of construction, exhibited with the rest of the works of the contest at the Karl Marx Exhibiting Room.

Participants in the National Festival of Amateur Artists not only enjoyed the awards ceremony, but also toured historic and popular places in Old Havana, while Mario Menéndez added a new trophy to his every day work as crafts man in Santa Cruz del Sur. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo/ Radio Santa Cruz)