Venezuela: Miracle Mission Reaches 1, 400, 000 Surgeries

Caracas, Oct 14. -The Miracle Mission, a project to restore vision to people with low incomes, has so far benefited 1,400,000 Latin Americans with surgeries carried out in Venezuela since 2005.National and international coordinator of the project in Venezuela, Manuel Pacheco, explained that surgeries took place in 74 hospitals in the country with a prevalence of diseases such as cataracts, strabismus, and corneal affectations.

Venezuela sends experts to countries to attract potential patients suffering from eye diseases and then guarantees them the travel, accommodation and free meals while receiving care in institutions, Pacheco recalled.

The number of operated this year reaches 153,500 people from countries such as Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize and Paraguay, among others, Pacheco said, quoted by the Venezuelan News Agency.

The Miracle Mission is a humanitarian initiative promoted by the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

The project aims to provide eye care in Havana and Caracas to six million poor Latin Americans in the next 10 years. (Prensa Latina)