Cristina Fernandez Extols Structural Change in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Oct 8. -President Cristina Fernandez called to continue working all together for a more just Argentina and extolled the ongoing structural changes, while underlined the need of focusing their attention on the most vulnerable sectors."The goal of our public policies must keep reinforcing in order to continue giving more rights, justice, and equality to more Argentineans," said the president in a speech at the opening of a hospital in the La Matanza locality, in Buenos Aires.

Fernandez pointed that the model of the current national Government bases on improving the quality of life all of the citizens, and reiterated the commitment to continue with that porpose.

The president recalled that only two hospitals had been built in La Matanza in a century, while another three were built from 2003 to the present day, one of them opened on Friday and valued at 10 million pesos, about $2.5 million USD, and which will benefit one million 500,000 people.

From that locality, she held also five videoconferences with cities of the provinces of Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires and La Rioja to inaugurate different works of the health and energetic sectors. (Prensa Latina)