New Book: Letters of Alejo Carpentier

New Book: Letters of Alejo CarpentierHavana, Jan 3. -Cartas a Toutuche (Letters to Toutuche) is the name of the latest title relating to Cuban literature giant Alejo Carpentier, a collection of letters to his mother, Lina Valmont, between 1928 and 1937.

The book, compiled by the Alejo Carpentier Foundation and published by Letras Cubanas, was launched in the foundationâ�Ös offices, housed in the building that was the setting for Explosion in a Cathedral, one of the greatest works by this exponent of magic realism.

The 459-page book is chock-full of information about the artistic and literary life, social awareness and politics of one of the worldâ�Ös greatest novelists.

The book includes an introduction written by Cuban literary figure Graziella Pogolotti, who first met the man who would be a musicologist, critic and playwright when she was a little girl.

The book reflects a one-way correspondence, because while Carpentier mentions letters from his mother, those letters have not been found. (Prensa Latina)