Cuban Insurance Company Compensates 18 000 People Annually

Havana, Oct 4. -A Cuban insurance company has compensated in the last five years on average about 18 thousand people annually for temporary life insurance, said sources of the company cited by the press.In 2010, the National Insurance Company paid more than 14 million pesos, equal to U.S. dollars at the official rate, reported Granma newspaper explaining that the country has almost one million concerted policies.

Applied in Cuba since 1997, life insurance last year expanded its coverage to disability from heart and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, as long as the disability is apparent within 12 months after diagnosis of the disease.

The temporary disability insurance includes those which may be caused by cardiovascular and vascular-brain diseases or emergency surgery.

Daily fees depend on the amount of wages earned in the case of the employee, while in the case of private workers is in accordance with the scale that he has previously and voluntarily claimed. (Prensa Latina)