The Struggle Continues, Warn Chilean Social Leaders

Santiago, Chile, Sep 15. -The mobilizations will continue in Chile until the objective to change the exclusive teaching model is achieved, reaffirmed the Chilean Student Federation. In a mass gathering in Santiago this Wednesday, Spokeswoman for the Chilean Student Federation Camila Vallejo and President of the Teachers College Jaime Gajardo, both considered emblematic figures of the Social Movement, highlighted the will to advance in negotiations with Government to discuss the people's demands: the establishment of free, quality education and the end of for-profit education.

"We want to talk and it is necessary, but if talks fail to make progress we will continue our struggle; we won't give up," said Vallejo in a gathering at Almagro Park, closing a march of teachers and students through main Alameda Avenue.

She said the struggle has not been easy at all. "We have been mobilized for over four months in spite of threats," she said, and urged the people not to let themselves be plunged into division. "We have to maintain the movement's conviction," she said.

Vallejo also highlighted the high turnout in the gathering, estimated at some 30,000 people amid government threats of not granting scholarships and as the country is mourning victims of the tragic plane crash that claimed 21 lives.

"We have never held such a mass gathering in Chile in such an adverse scene," she said. (Prensa Latina)