Cuban Minister Insists on Teaching Learning Quality

Havana, Sep 8. -Cuban Higher Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel insisted on keeping the quality of the island's teaching learning process, during a visit to the University of Camaguey, in eastern Cuba.Diaz-Canel, also member of the Cuban Communist Party's Political Bureau, highlighted the importance of learning the History of the Cuban University, and warned on the need to banish from the daily work of those universities the elements that deteriorate it.

Bureaucracy, formalism and meetings could not be the formulas to resolve and manage the process involving the performance of the academic term, but the participation of students and teachers, the minister noted.

Although the development of the current school year is guaranteed, and teachers and professors are committed with this, there are still some resources limitations imposed by the rational use of what we have, Diaz-Canel said.

Among immediate changes in the Cuban University, the minister also mentioned to increase the link with society and scientific research, to resolve the country's main economic and social problems. (Prensa Latina)