Latin America Honors Deceased Cuban Minister

Havana, Sep 5. -Latin American countries have expressed their deepest sympathies to the Cuban people and their leaders for the death of Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) Julio Casas Regueiro.In Bolivia, a book of condolences will be opened from Monday until Wednesday at the Cuban embassy in La Paz for FAR Minister Julio Casas Regueiro.

In Chile, the Communist Party and the Allende Socialist Party sent their condolences for the decease of the FAR combatant.

"Gen. Casas fulfilled relevant tasks in this stage of the Cuban Revolution and his work will remain as a great example of selflessness, loyalty, and militant commitment to noble causes," stated PC president Guillermo Teillier, general secretary Lautaro Carmona, and Central Committee member Juan Andres Lagos.

The Cuban embassies in Brazil and Venezuela also will open books of condolences from today until Wednesday.

Lt. General Julio Casas Regueiro died of a heart attack Saturday in Havana. He was a member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party and Vice President of the Council of State.

In his honor, Cuba's Council of State declared a state of official mourning from 08:00 local time Monday until 20:00 Tuesday. (Prensa Latina)