Cuban Customs Intensifies Measures to Fight Illegalities

Cuban Customs Intensifies Measures to Fight Illegalities Havana, Aug 22 .- Cuban Customs aims to become a more modern and effective institution in the fight against illegalities in order to achieve an unbridgeable frontier, said executives and employees of the sector. The anti drug trafficking and drug consumption fight is one of the main goals of the Customs sector, Jose Luis Muñoz, the Customs chief of the Jose Marti International Airport, told Juventud Rebelde daily.

Muñoz noted that the customs staff needs top-level training to fulfil that goal because drug trafficking operations are more subtle each day.

The Customs chief put as an example the discovery of 2,648.92 grams of marihuana which were found in 12 pressed bars inside two bottles of vitamins, and 170.98 grams of cocaine inside a religious object wrapped in lead paper and nylon.

Until April of this year, eleven cases with as many people involved were reported, six of them bringing the drug to consume it and the rest for trafficking here.

Regarding security, Muñoz said the fight against the trafficking of illegal arms, explosives, munitions, and chemical, biological, and radioactive substances is also part of the work of Customs, as well as detecting the illegal entry of material with subversive purposes. (Prensa Latina)