Fernando González: the Hero who Does not Give in

Fernando González: the Hero who Does not Give inNothing of this is excess confidence,
Almost incredible but I am not alone
I have hands that comprise other hands
Truth that always is germinating

Above all, if we are voice and rain,
If we know to salvage the friendly blood
If we can cure the fear,
If we love with love and without cunning

Rediscovering the root

Fernando looks around the cell where he is. He asks one and thousand times: What crime have I committed to embrace the cold solitude of my prison? Even though gaolers of Terre Haute, in Indiana, insist on drowning him with their visceral hatred, he preserves positive energies to go forward.

With the innocence of a child, he looks back for meeting again with himself and with theirs. On August 18, 1963, Magalys Llort embraces, with emotion, the shoot that, for nine months, grew in her belly. “His name will be Fernandito, Fernando González Llort”.

Then, he remembers pranks that he played when child, promenades along waterfront in Havana, times in which, he needed energies to fulfil his responsibilities as student cadre and culminate, with the Degree with Honors, the career of International Relations.

The Homeland needed his modest services like true revolutionary and unwavering combatant. In the fulfilment of his mission, he was imprisoned and accused arbitrarily of spy by the North American authorities.

And although, suddenly the sky filled up with shadows
Let those so happy of their latest disgracefulness know
That in my courage terror does not function
That in my virtue avarice does not harm
That in my truth dignity cohabits
That in my love happiness always comes

One day I will embrace mine

Fernando hopes that, one day, truth of his sentence will be known. The almanac reminds to him that today his life has covered 48 years, 13 of them wracked by hate, which does not extinguish his optimism and iron will.

There will always be an opportunity for the justice makes one's way. Then, this day, he will embrace and kiss his treasures: the brave and sweet mother, the faithful Rosa Aurora, his friends, all his fellow citizens.

They say I am a spy
I am a discreet man
Who has no secrets
Who has no evil

They say I am a spy
I am a friendly man
Who has no enemies
Only true friends

They say I am a spy
I am a man, a good father
Who teaches his children
Love and goodness

We will walk together, celebrating the freedom

Today Fernando assumes the importance of his mission, and ratifies that he made it motivated by certainty that it is the only way to avoid death of innocent persons and destruction caused by terrorist actions against the Humanity.

And those who fight with him for his freedom reaffirm also that every man who respects himself, defends his Homeland. In the years of prison, he will always be accompanied by the dignity learned of his people and his history.

* For this journalistic work, fragments of poems by Antonio Guerrero were used.

By Conrado Vives Arias/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.