Venezuela: Campaign Team Works for Chavez’s Re-Election

Caracas, Mar 21. – Head of the Carabobo Battle Campaign Commando, Jorge Rodríguez, said on Tuesday they are currently working on shaping structures in each and every one of the 23 states of the country and the Capital District.

The national commando was created on February 23 by President Hugo Chavez, leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, to develop the electoral campaign towards re-election in presidential polls scheduled for October 7.

Rodriguez, a member of the national leadership of PSUV and mayor of Libertador municipality, the largest of the Venezuelan capital, was appointed then by Chavez to lead the commando.

"I want diversity of spokespersons in the command, no sectarianism whatsoever, and great involvement; and the same for state, regional, municipal, grass roots-level commands with participation and operational capacity," said Chavez on that occasion.

"It is my campaign command to be recognized by all; and I ask for them the same things. Irreverence in discussion, but loyalty to them in action, coordination and revolutionary unity," he added.

In a press conference today, Rodriguez said they are in the process of electoral registration to be ended on April 15.

He criticized the opposition efforts to destabilize the country and trigger violence through hate messages.(Prensa Latina)