Ecuador National Assembly Elects Vice Presidents

Ecuador´s National Assembly Elects Vice Presidents Quito, Aug 11. – The National Assembly will meets Thursday to elect its first and second vice presidents and committee, amid expectations about who will hold the posts. On July 31, during a historic session by the government and the opposition, Fernando Cordero, from the ruling PAIS Alliance Movement, was ratified as president of the National Assembly until August 2013.

The posts of first and second vice president were left empty, however, because neither of the candidates proposed by the government´s parliamentary group, Juan Carlos Casinelli and Rocio Valereso, or those proposed by the opposition, Betty Amores and Leandro Cardenas, received enough votes.

Since then, both sides have worked for the necessary votes and to analyze possible candidates.

The PAIS Alliance will present the same names in today´s elections, and the opposition will kepp Betty Amores, but other assembly members are on the list to substitute Leandro Cardenas.

Two days ago, President Rafael Correa confirmed the creation of a legislative alliance called Platform for Sovereignty, Democracy and Justice, to ensure governability in the National Assembly and comprising assembly members from PAIS Alliance, the Socialist Party and regional movements.(Prensa Latina)