Raul Castro Opposes Aggression against Libya

Raul Castro Opposes Aggression against Libya Havana, Aug 4. – President Raul Castro expressed his opposition to NATO military aggression against Libya during a meeting with Abdulhafid M. Zlitniel, special envoy of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Raul Castro demanded the immediate end of those attacks, which would make it possible to move toward a peaceful resolution to the conflict, Granma newspaper reported on Thursday.

During his talks with Zlitni, who is the secretary of the General People´s Committee for Finance and Planning of the Great Socialist People´s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Cuban president called for an immediate end to bombings of civilian facilities.

The visitor brought a message from Gaddafi to Raul Castro, informing him of the Libyan government´s efforts to confront the campaign of international isolation that Western powers are trying to impose.

Raul Castro also expressed his support for the efforts by leaders of the African Union bloc to achieve a peaceful solution.

Ahmed Jarrud, assistant secretary of the Libyan General People´s Committee for Foreign Liaison; Ali Mohamed Ahmed Ajeili, Libyan ambassador to Cuba, and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez also attended the meeting.