Venezuelan Bicentennial Features Bolivar Exhibition

Caracas, Jul 18. -As part of this month´s festivities for Venezuela´s independence bicentennial, the exhibition "Bolivar Handmade" opened in the capital.The exhibition of 41 paintings and wood carvings opened Sunday at the PDVSA La Estancia cultural center in the capital and runs until Aug. 28.

The different pieces depict various aspects of Bolivar, known as the Liberator, an emblematic figure of the fight of Latin American independence.

Bicentennial festivities this month include ceremonies for the re-opening of plazas, photo and art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and a civic-military parade to commemorate the Declaration of Independence signing on July 5, 1811.

On July 24, authorities will present the new coffin that will hold Bolivar´s remains, and a final report on a forensic analysis of those remains. (Prensa Latina)