Cuba: Colloquium on Latino Identity in the US

Cuba: Colloquium on Latino Identity in the USHavana, June 12. -Experts from the arts and social sciences will meet here on Wednesday and Thursday at the First International Symposium on Cultural Identities and the Latino Presence in the United States.The event organized by Casa de las Americas will be inaugurated by the Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernandez Retamar, who is the president of that institution and who will refer to some of his experiences in the US.

Issues related to the migratory processes of Latin Americans from a historical and contemporary view, language, literature and Latino identity, and the prospects for the theater and the arts will be discussed in three workshops, with individual presentations.

According to the director of the Casa de las Americas Program, Antonio Aja, the Colloquium seeks to show the diversity, the differences and the common aspects of these communities, and how they preserve and transform their cultural identity. (Prensa Latina)