Cuba’s University begins world’s webinar on history and heritage

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 12.- With a world’s webinar, Cuba’s ‘Universidad de Oriente'(UO) began the 2nd History and Heritage Workshop of the 2nd institution of higher education founded in Cuba almost 75 years ago.


Academics from houses of higher studies in Italy, France, Portugal and India are in charge of the inaugural lectures on the management of university cultural heritage and its projections, alliances and networks.

Under the auspices of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the University of Havana, the national network of university museums of Cuba and the corresponding department of the UO, the opening day projects its vision towards the assets related to this teaching in different latitudes.

The event has its historic inspiration in the 20th anniversary of the granting of the doctorate Honoris Causa to the heroine Vilma Espin and in the 50 years of Santiago magazine, in addition to the aspiration of the university community to the declaration as a National Monument.

In conjunction with University Extension, this 2nd edition aims to strengthen the study of history and in particular to the knowledge and dissemination among students, teachers and the community of the significant values of those educational environments. (Prensa Latina)