Nicaragua to Welcome 315 Medical Graduates from Cuba

Nicaragua to Welcome 315 Medical Graduates from CubaManagua, Jul 7. -The Nicaraguan health system is preparing to welcome home 315 graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba.

Once in Nicaragua, the graduates will join the national health system as interns.

They will complete their sixth and last year of study under the supervision of professors from the Ernesto Che Guevara Medical Brigade from Cuba, which has been rendering services in Nicaragua for several years.

Once their internship is completed, the graduates will complete another two years as general practitioners, the head of the Cuban medical brigade, Alfredo Rodriguez, told Prensa Latina.

A total of 452 Nicaraguan students finished their fifth year of study at ELAM, and 315 will continue their studies in Nicaragua, while the remaining 137 will complete their internship in Cuba, Rodriguez said.

The 315 graduates will be placed in different parts of the country, chiefly in the autonomous regions of the Caribbean coast and in the departments of Matagalpa, Rio San Juan, and Jinotega.

When referring to the arrival of the ELAM graduates, Nicaraguan Health Minister Sonia Castro said yesterday that the country has many serious health problems, and the new contingent is a ray of hope and very good news for the population. (Prensa Latina)