Cuba: Research Project on Rural Sociocultural Practices

Cuba: Research Project on Rural Sociocultural Practices Havana, Aug 9. – The University of Jose Marti in Santi Spiritus province and the National School of Anthropology and History of Mexico are conducting a joint study of the inhabitants of rural communities in that Cuban province.  According to Juventud Rebelde newspaper, the study is focused on the sociocultural practices of rural Cubans as the nation promotes an agricultural revival.

The project is being developed by 12 students and teachers from the university's Sociocultural Studies Department and representatives of the Mexican school.

The study initially described the customs of residents in seven municipalities, and aims to study 20.

"Motivating agricultural production will be more successful if we are familiar with the ways of thinking, behavior, needs and beliefs of those who work the land," said Professor Jose Neira of the University of Jose Marti.(Prensa Latina)