16 Fatalities to Storm Arlene

16 Fatalities to Storm ArleneMexico, Jul 4. -Tropical storm Arlene rose the death toll in Mexico to 16 with four new victims of floods, landslides and electric shock, says the Federal Civilian Protection System.

The latest fatalities reported from San Luis Potosi, Oaxaca and Veracruz, join the news on tens of communities isolated in Sierra de la Huasteca and Santiago Juxtlahuaca (Oaxaca) for numerous landslides buried houses and blocked or erased roads.

Remnants of the meteor, in interaction with a low pressure, were behind the weekend rains that fell over most of Mexico's territory, said the National Meteorology Service.

Some 2,900 military help the population at the states of Veracruz, Hidalgo and Mexico. The latter have declared an emergency since Los Remedios river flooded Ecatepec and Nezahualcoyotl municipalities.

Arlene became a tropical storm on Jun 28 in the Bay of Campeche, south the Gulf of Mexico, and it did not grow to the Hurricane category but its heavy showers have left more than 300,000 victims in Veracruz and in Tamaulipas, Mexico and the Federal District.

It is the third storm of the 2011 season, after the trail of deaths and damage of hurricane Beatriz on the Pacific coast and Adrian.

The storms and hurricanes that hit Mexico on both coasts have killed scores of people among the some 500,000 victims and caused millions-worth damages. (Prensa Latina)