More than 100 Experts to Attend Havana Cigar Symposium

More than 100 Experts to Attend Havana Cigar SymposiumHavana, Jul 4. -More than 100 researchers, museologists, collectors, journalists and artists have confirmed attendance at the 4th international symposium Havana-Habanos 2011, to be held on July 5-7.

The director of the Tobacco Museum in Old Havana, Zoe Nocedo, is chairing the event's organizing committee and said participants would discuss the history of Cuban cigars, known as habanos; markets, brands, cigar bands and designs, marketing and other topics.

Objectives of the meeting, which has the theme of "Habanos: nature, culture and identity," include joining efforts in the world of tobacco to prepare development projects.

The event will also include a working session devoted to the annual meeting of the Women Friends of Habanos Cultural Project in order to exchange ideas about the outcome of their first year of work and prospects.

Nocedo confirmed attendance by prestigious executives, such as Briton Simon Chase, Brazilian Cesar Adames, Argentine Roberto Rodriguez and Peruvian Jorge Iribarren, and members of an Italian club of Cuban cigar aficionados.

An international course titled Habanos: Culture and Combination will be held July 11-13, following the symposium. (Prensa Latina)