Meeting for The Cuban Five in Havana

Meeting for The Cuban Five in Havana Havana, Jun 28. -The Cuban Association of United Nations (ACNU) and the International Free The Five Committee will devote the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture to the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters unfairly held in US prisons for 13 years.

Both organizations called for a meeting at ACNU headquarters in Havana on June 29 to demand the release of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and Fernando Gonzalez, internationally known as The Cuban Five.

The meeting will be attended by relatives of these fighters and renowned specialists in their case.

The Cuban Five were detained in September 1988 for warning Cuba of violent actions by Florida-based terrorist groups.

For over fifty years, the Cuban people have suffered numerous aggressions organized in US territory, resulting in nearly 3,500 deaths and more than 2,000 people wounded.

The Cuban Five were given harsh sentences of up to two life terms in prison in the wake of a politically motivated trial full of irregularities in Miami, in violation of US and international law.

They have even been refused visits by their spouses or close relatives and subjected to long periods of solitary confinement. (Prensa Latina)