USAID Announces Plan to Manipulate Cuban Teenagers

USAID Announces Plan to Manipulate Cuban TeenagersHavana, Jun 20. -The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced financing for new projects to interfere with communications in Cuba, above all among minors, it was reported Monday.

The new plans aim chiefly at supposedly expanding the use of social media and increasing access to information that the United States finds convenient to disseminate, according to an article in the Granma newspaper.

The article reported revelations posted on the website by journalist Tracey Eaton, who is investigating how Washington wastes tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on secret, illegal activities against Cuba.

This budget includes six million USD on programs to supposedly increase freedom of speech among 12-18 years-olds, according to the information Eaton posted.

Another six million USD will be allocated to expand illegal use of the Internet and to increase access to information (and misinformation).

Nine million USD will support neighborhoods, cooperatives, sports clubs, religious groups and other civil society organizations.

The USAID objective is to create a presence among vulnerable population groups, blacks and mulattos, young people from the countryside, urban youth, young people with disabilities, orphans, and broken and single-parent families. (Prensa Latina)