Unity around the Cuban Five, the Key that Will Open their Cells

By Yamylé Fernández Rodriguez/ Radio Cadena AgramonteRadio Cadena Agramonte Jun 18. -Still fresh is in our memories the 3rd Int'l Youth Meeting in Solidarity with the Cuban Five imprisoned in the United States, and it is now time for implementing what we approved in the Final Declaration of such an important meeting.

There is no doubt that since the case was made public in 2001 many actions have been taken in favor of those patriots; not only in Cuba, but also in many other countries, and of that are proud and grateful the relatives of these five heroes and the Cuban people as well.

However, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, René González, and Gerardo Hernández are still locked; deprived of the sun, of their wives’ caresses, of their mothers’ kisses and of their children’s hugs, while Fernando and Gerardo see how their dreams of being fathers are fading behind bars.

Such injustices must be known by the young people of the world, representatives from 33 nations ratified at the Int'l Youth Meeting in Solidarity with the Cuban Five concluded.

The new generation, as a driving force of the just causes, is responsible for leading the progressive movements and organizations and should get together to seek more creative and most vigorous ways to reveal the reality about the Cuban Five and consequently to touch the feelings of the American people, to whom the mass media don’t tell the truth or distort it when it is all about this case.   

In a political stage characterized by the manipulation of the transnational media outlets which are constantly attacking the Cuban Revolution; such mission is not easy at all. However, there are many chances to break the wall of silence, as some of the participants proposed at the youth forum held in Havana some days ago, an event that became a stronghold of solidarity with the Cuban prisoners in U.S. jails.        

Bringing together will in the social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter, creating online directories about this topic, sending messages to U.S. President Barack Obama requesting him to approve their immediate release from prison and organizing acts of protest each fifth day of every month in front of the U.S. embassies and consulates in different countries, are some of the actions suggested and oked by the young people in the solidarity event.

Nobody should be surprised of such a massive support to the cause of the Cuban Five, because these young people –regardless their nationality or idiosyncrasy- have been supporting the Cuban Five since the very beginning of the battle for their return to Cuba, because the new generation see on these men an unquestionable example of steadfastness and integrity for which they have become paradigms worldwide.

That's why the struggle for the freedom of these “warriors who love and sing”, as someone called them, not only belong to the Cuban people, but also to the peace-loving peoples.By Yamylé Fernández Rodriguez/ Radio Cadena Agramonte