US Funds Dissident Groups in Arab World

US Funds Dissident Groups in Arab WorldWashington, Jun 14. -The US government funded the creation of secret wireless networks to facilitate communications of dissident groups and avoid the control of authorities in nations such as Iran, Syria, and Libya.

According to the New York Times, the US State Department and the Pentagon spent about $50 million USD to create an independent cell phone network in Afghanistan using the towers of the military bases in that territory as support.

Washington is currently carrying out a secretive project named Internet in a Suitcase, through which they enter hidden equipment into a country to use them in a wireless communication system with global links to the network in tune with their interests.

According to the newspaper, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is one of the supporters of the initiative.

In a speech at George Washington University in February, Clinton said that the White House will continue helping "the peoples who are in a oppressive environment regarding the Internet with technology to evade censorship. (Prensa Latina)