Cuba Sentences Former Deputy Food Industry Minister

Cuba Sentences Former Deputy Food Industry MinisterHavana, Jun 10. -The People´s Provincial Court of Havana issued a sentence of five years'' prison for the former deputy minister of the food industry, Celio Hernandez, and sentenced 10 other officials of that ministry and of the Rio Zaza joint venture.

The defendants, including four women, received sentences of three to five years after being convicted of bribery and falsification of banking and commerce documents, according to an official press release read on the nightly national news program Thursday evening.

In exchange for accepting bribes in cash and other illegal gifts, the convicted individuals diverted or allowed the diversion of products and raw materials, and falsified information and documents.

These acts of administrative corruption benefited the financial interests of unscrupulous individuals, to the detriment of the interests of the people and the national economy.

The sentences may be appealed by the defendants in the People´s Provincial Court within 10 working days of being notified, the press release said. (Prensa Latina)