Satisfactory environmental education process in Southern Camaguey

Satisfactory environmental education process in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 4. –This month, to mark the Environment Day, the project of Environmental Education Process will get to an end in Santa Cruz del Sur, with satisfactory results for the municipality and especially for the coast area from this city. Under Jorge Martínez Fernández’s command, the activities objective is to make people to be aware on the importance of protecting our environment and to guarantee a better future.

At the beginning of the project, on March 31st 2009, a children’s interest club with 12 pioneers from the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was officially set in this southern region, who participated in 33 encounters where they dealt with topics on the need to protect the environment and the kind of coast surrounding our municipality.

The Santa Cruz born students developed several actions marking the World Environment Day and some others were carried out in work places nearby the coast area.

“We emphasised on the bordering beach and mangrove pollution, and after several tours we noticed pollution decrease in such places”, said Jorge Martínez specialist and driving force from the Environmental Research Center in Camaguey. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo / Radio Santa Cruz)