Non-Aligned Movement: End the U.S. Blockade against Cuba

Non-Aligned Movement: End the U.S. Blockade against CubaBali, Indonesia, May 28. -The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) reiterated on Friday in this city its call for the U.S. government to end its economic, trade and financial blockade of over 50 years against Cuba.

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NAM Steps Up Commitment to Multilateralism The final declaration of the NAM Ministerial Conference terms the blockade unilateral and contrary to the UN Charter, international law, and the principles of good neighborhs, and says it is responsible for material material losses and economic damages to the Cuban people.

The NAM urged U.S. authorities to strictly fulfill the 19 resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly for many consecutive years rejecting that hostile policy.

The non-aligned countries also expressed concern for the increasingly extraterritorial nature of the blockade on Cuba, and opposed the strengthening of measures adopted by the United States to intensify it, as well as recent U.S. actions against the island's people.

They also exhorted the U.S. government to return to the Cuban sovereignty the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, and end its aggressive radio and television transmissions against the island.

The Bali Declaration also states that those measures are a violation of Cuba's sovereignty and human rights.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in October 2010, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said the direct economic damage the blockade has caused to his people for 50 years is estimated at 751 billion USD, in the current value of that currency.

Rodriguez stated that in 2010, the economic siege was intensified and its daily impact is still present in all aspects of life in Cuba. (Prensa Latina)