Concludes Meteoro 2011 and Santa Cruz del Sur continue to be alert to hurricanes

Concludes Meteoro 2011 and Santa Cruz del Sur continue to be alert to hurricanesThe 80 tropical hurricane taking place world wide every year cause damage for about 10 million dollars and cause nearly 10 thousand deaths.

The general trend to the increase of material loss is alarming. However, the loss of human lives decreases in countries developing their alert and response systems properly. Cuba is an example of this.

The greatest loss of human lives occurred during the November 1932 Hurricane, in Santa Cruz del Sur, and the second catastrophe, concerning the loss of human lives, was the result of the heavy rains and the extraordinary floods produced by Flora Hurricane in October 1963 over the easternmost  provinces of Cuba.

The experiences amassed during the periods of major hurricane activity usually get off from our heads with the pass of the years. However, the population and the economy have remarkably in the last decades and today there are more people and material goods exposed to the impact of hurricanes.

It is necessary to increase the education work in this sense, since a greater knowledge on the real danger that tropical storms represent will make every individual to act properly and support effectively the security measures adopted by the plans of the Civil Defense. (Redacción Digital / Radio Santa Cruz)