Crusade against smoking nicotine poisoning in Southern Camaguey

Crusade against smoking nicotine poisoning in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, May 3. –Many activities were developed in Santa Cruz del Sur by the Educators for the Health, with the objective of contributing to the fight against alcoholism.

Every Wednesday afternoon a team of specialists uses group techniques to the smokers willing to have a smoke-free life. Those therapies take place at the four health areas of the Municipality, where people exposed to an involuntary nicotine poisoning can also attend.

In support to the anti-nicotine campaign, the promotion and education Center from that sector in the territory made an official announcement to the contest: someone else’s cigar smoke? You will se later!

In the previously mentioned way of preventing such addictions, smokers will be encouraged for an everyday life without health affections. It is going to take place after the presentations with communicational approaches aimed to guarantee the social welfare. (Yamilé Agrenot Castillo / Radio Santa Cruz)