Geneva: Cuba Denounces Manipulation of Syria Issue

Geneva: Cuba Denounces Manipulation of Syria IssueGeneva, Apr 30. -Cuba denounced on Friday the hypocrisy and double standards that brought about a Special Session at the UN Human Rights Council to analyze the case of Syria.

In his speech, Cuban Ambassador Rodolfo Reyes noted that "the hegemonic appetite of a group of powers, lead by the United States, is insatiable, and they use manipulation to justify their goals of intervention."

Reyes condemned that the supposed protection of lives becomes the pretext to carry out a foreign intervention and unleash a military conflict. What occurred in Libya proves that deaths multiply and destruction reigns when these actions take place.

The ambassador noted that UN Security Council Resolution 1973 is being manipulated and "using state-of-the-art weapons, they are killing from the air the very civilans that they would supposedly defend."

Reyes underlined that the proposals of the African Union and other groups of countries aimed at a cease-fire and the establishment of a process of dialogue is also being ignored.

Cuba categorically rejects any attempt to take advantage of the unfortunate situation created to destabilize the country and benefit the plans of domination of Washington and Israel, Reyes stated. (Prensa Latina)